Aurora - Light TankThe Aurora isn’t like the Striker or Mantis; really, it’s a light and fast raiding platform.

It’s amphibious, so you can make a huge Aurora rush on river maps; it has a powerful and relatively long-ranged gun, so it can take down enemy units (except for T1 point defenses); its only flaw is its very light armor.

Beware of an opponent teching up and making your Auroras obsolete.


Armor: 140hp
Abilities: Hover
Cost: M52, E260, T130
sight: 20 (391m)
max speed: 3.7 (72.3m/s)
turn rate: 45
Veterancy: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 kills
*veteran level 2: +35 hp
*veteran level 4: +35 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s


Disruptor Cannon (Direct Fire)
26.67 dps
area: 1 (19.5m)
range: 26 (508m)
projectile weapon: 40 damage
rate of fire: 0.66 (every 1.52s)
*veteran level 1: +10 damage
*veteran level 3: +10 damage

Last Updated on May 12, 2015 by Standard of Entertainment

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