Flare - Light Assault BotThe Flare does an awful lot of damage for something so cheap, but it’s totally dead against anything that isn’t another T1 land unit.

Micromanaged, they’re great for controlling space, killing any Engineers that venture outside the enemy base, and generally getting the upper hand.

You can also put them inside a T1 gunship and they’ll fire, creating a Chariot Gunship. Of course, remember not to rely on them for actually defeating the enemy base; if you have air superiority, go straight for their Commander.

Flare Stats

Armor: 50hp
Metal:      28
Energy:   140
Time:       70
sight: 18 (352m)
max speed: 3.3 (64.5m/s)
turn rate: 180
Veterancy: 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 kills
*veteran level 2: +13 hp
*veteran level 4: +13 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Flare Weapons

(can fire from transport)

Sonic Pulsar (Direct Fire)
30.00 dps
range: 10 (195m)
projectile weapon: 10 damage x 3
27 damage per salvo
rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)
*veteran level 1: +2 damage
*veteran level 3: +2 damage

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