Myrmidon – Anti-Air Sam Launcher

T3 anti-air is the ultimate solution to air attacks. It’ll take out any plane with a barrage of tracking missiles, and it does enough damage that a couple of them are able to stop even T2 transport drops before they get close. If your scouting reveals a T3 air factory or a cloud of malignant gunships, start making these guys; you’ll be glad you did. The Cybran SAM launcher isn’t as good at taking out clouds of units, but much better at taking out single, heavily armored units – just what you wanted to keep gunships away.

Myrmidon Stats

Armor: 5000hp
Abilities: Amphibious
Cost: M1400, E12000, T1500
    sight: 28 (547m)
    size for adjacency: 4
Veterancy: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 kills
*veteran level 2: +1250 hp
*veteran level 4: +1250 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Myrmidon Weapons

Nanite Missile System (Anti Air)
    144.00 dps
range: 60 (1.17km)
projectile weapon: 24 dmg x 4 projectiles
    96 damage per salvo
rate of fire: 1.5 (every 0.67s)
*veteran level 1: +6 damage
*veteran level 3: +6 damage



Disruptor – Heavy Artillery Installation

T3 artillery is perhaps the most ironclad of long-term plans: build one in range of the enemy base, covered with an impenetrable defense, and only heavy shields can save them. A word of warning: it has a substantial minimum range, so you’ll need to protect it with T2 artillery. While Cybran T3 artillery has less range and firepower than the other factions’, it’s considerably cheaper to build, which makes a difference when the extra 15000 Mass could buy you the four upgraded Cybran shields to protect it.

Disruptor Stats

Armor: 3500hp
Cost: M98415, E1184625 (-250), T27000
    sight: 28 (547m)
    size for adjacency: 16
Veterancy: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 kills
*veteran level 2: +875 hp
*veteran level 4: +875 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Disruptor Weapons

Proton Artillery (Artillery)
    437.50 dps
area: 8 (156m)
range: 150 (2.93km) – 700 (13.7km)
projectile weapon: 7000 damage
rate of fire: 0.0625 (every 16s)
firing randomness: 1.5
*veteran level 1: +1750 damage
*veteran level 3: +1750 damage


Liberator – Strategic Missile Launcher

A nuke wipes out everything in its path, and that’s why it’s so ridiculously expensive and has its own specialized defenses. You can either eliminate their nuke defenses with traditional arms and then follow up with a decisive strike, or in team games, you can have your teammate protect you while you rush to get a single nuke missile targeting the enemy Commander before they even think of having defenses for it.

Liberator Stats

Armor: 8640hp
Abilities: Manual Launch
Cost: M130000, E1250000, T75000
    sight: 28 (547m)
    size for adjacency: 12
Veterancy: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 kills
*veteran level 2: +2160 hp
*veteran level 4: +2160 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Liberator Weapons

EMP Flux Warhead (Missile)
inner ring damage: 70000
    inner ring radius: 30 (586m)
outer ring damage: 500
    outer ring radius: 40 (781m)


Guardian – Strategic Missile Defense

It’s never a bad idea to have a nuke defense covering your T3 factories and power farms in a long game, just in case someone gets any funny ideas. You can assist the nuke defense missiles if you’re worried about time.

Guardian Stats

Armor: 4000hp
Cost: M21000, E240000, T9000
    sight: 20 (391m)
    size for adjacency: 8

Guardian Weapons

EMP Anti Nuke (Defense)
    30.00 dps
range: 75 (1.46km)
effective range: 64 (1.25km)
projectile weapon: 30 damage
rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)


Olympus – Omni Sensor Array

The Omni Sensor basically requires its own dedicated T3 power generator, especially if you decide to put a shield around your significant investment, but it’s worth it: it gives your base protection from stealth and cloaking fields while also expanding your radar range so you won’t need multiples. You don’t need to make one immediately on reaching T3, but towards the end of the game most players have excess energy to power one anyway.

Olympus Stats

Armor: 100hp
Abilities: Omni Sensor
Cost: M2400, E30000 (-2000), T1800
    sight: 30 (586m)
    radar: 600 (11.7km)
    omni: 200 (3.91km)
    sonar: 600 (11.7km)
    size for adjacency: 4



Sonar Platform

The Cybran sonar platform can make itself invisible to counteract its low armor and give your torpedo launchers the edge, or it can be a mobile stealth unit of the seas, letting your subs attack without warning. It’s a niche purpose, but it can occasionally come in handy.

Sonar Platform Stats

Armor: 850hp
Abilities: Mobile, Stealth Field
Cost: M240, E7200 (-250), T900
    sight: 32 (625m)
    sonar: 450 (8.79km)
    water sight: 24 (469m)
    sonar stealth field: 90 (1.76km)
    max speed: 5.5 (107m/s)
    turn rate: 50

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