Cybran Tech 3 Engineer

Cybran Tech 3 EngineerThe T3 Engineer shows up much more frequently than the other engineers; one should always be the first thing out of your factory. They can jumpstart your economy, assist factories at a useful rate, and get you into the endgame. It’s never bad to have too many engineers. Plus, if they’re sent to build defenses or repair a crucial target, they’ll last much longer under enemy fire. Unfortunately, these guys are very slow – half as fast as T2 support units.

T3 Engineer Stats

Armor: 1350hp
Abilities: Engineering Suite, Amphibious

Cost: M561, E2970, T990
     build rate: 15
     storage: M20, E100
     sight: 26 (508m)
     max speed: 1.6 (31.3m/s)
     turn rate: 70
*veteran level 2: +338 hp
*veteran level 4: +338 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s


Loyalist – Siege Assault Bot

Loyalist – Siege Assault BotThe Loyalist does lots of damage, split into two guns to make it more effective against multiple targets, and its health still outclasses anything that isn’t another side’s T3 assault bot, but its low range and armor make it more useful as a replacement for your land forces than as a tactical strike against the enemy Commander. Unlike most Cybran units, it’s actually cheaper than its counterparts, meaning you can have a small edge if you’ve been keeping them back with your Viper squads. It’s also well-suited for getting the edge against enemy T2 forces since it’s harder to hit with mobile missile launchers.

Loyalist Stats

Armor: 4200hp
Cost: M510, E3990, T1200
     sight: 25 (488m)
     max speed: 3 (58.6m/s)
     turn rate: 146
Transport class: 3
Veterancy: 30, 60, 150, 300, 600 kills
*veteran level 2: +250 hp
*veteran level 4: +250 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Loyalist Weapons

Disintegrator Pulse Laser (Direct Fire)
     82.50 dps,
range: 25 (488m)
projectile weapon: 55 damage
     x 3 projectiles = 165 damage per salvo
rate of fire: 3 (every 0.33s)
*veteran level 1: +14 damage
*veteran level 3: +14 damage
Heavy Electron Bolter (Direct Fire)
     33.33 dps
range: 25 (488m)
projectile weapon: 10 damage
rate of fire: 3.33 (every 0.3s)
*veteran level 1: +3 damage
*veteran level 3: +3 damage
EMP Death Blast 
     0.50 dps
area: 10 (195m)
projectile weapon: 1 damage
*Stuns enemy units

Trebuchet – Mobile Heavy Artillery

Trebuchet – Mobile Heavy ArtilleryThe Cybran heavy artillery is rather lackluster, as it doesn’t actually do that much damage with each shot. Its super-wide area of effect would be great if it could move while firing like the Aeon artillery, but instead it merely scatters over enemy shields. The slow firing rate combined with the Cybran stealth generator can allow you to get the first shot in, but unless this is the one big point you need to overtake your opponent, it’s not worth the micromanaging.

Trebuchet Stats

Armor: 850hp
Abilities: Deploys (Immobile While Firing)

Cost: M800, E8000, T2400
     sight: 26 (508m)
     max speed: 2.7 (52.7m/s)
     turn rate: 20
Transport Class: 3
30, 60, 150, 300, 600 kills
*veteran level 2: +213 hp
*veteran level 4: +213 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 2 hp/s

Trebuchet Weapons

Proton Artillery (Artillery)
     35.00 dps, area: 7 (137m)
range: 25 (488m) – 70 (1.37km)
projectile weapon: 700 damage
rate of fire: 0.05 (every 20s)
*veteran level 1: +175 damage
*veteran level 3: +175 damage

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