UEF Battleship Summit ClassThe Battleship is basically an experimental unit that you can build in your naval factory. It has ungodly amounts of armor, tactical missile defenses to make sure it isn’t taken out by shore defenses before it’s had its say in the matter, and anti-air guns designed to kill gunships rather than bombers (which your cruisers should already be handling). Like all battleships, it has a trio of (basically) T2 artillery pieces as main guns, allowing it to stay far away from shore and engage land defenses on their own terms, while killing the Cybran fleet before it can close to torpedo range. Don’t send this out alone, as it has no way of defending against subs.

Summit Stats

Armor: 60000hp
Abilities: Missile Defense – Tactical
Cost: M20000, E160000, T24000
Intel: sight: 70 (1.37km)
radar: 100 (1.95km)
sonar: 32 (625m)
water sight: 50 (977m)
Physics: max speed: 4.675 (91.3m/s)
turn rate: 15
Veterancy: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 kills
* veteran level 2: +15000 hp
* veteran level 4: +15000 hp
* veteran level 5: repair 3 hp/s

Summit Weapons

3x Gauss Cannon
(Direct Fire Naval) 150.00 dps
area: 2 (39.1m)
range: 128 (2.50km)
projectile weapon: 600 damage x 3 projectiles = 1800 damage per salvo
rate of fire: 0.08333333 (every 12s)
* veteran level 1: +150 damage
* veteran level 3: +150 damage

4x Linked Railgun
(Anti Air) 40.00 dps
range: 60 (1.17km)
projectile weapon: 10 damage x 2 projectiles = 20 damage per salvo
rate of fire: 2 (every 0.5s)
* veteran level 1: +3 damage
* veteran level 3: +3 damage

2x Phalanx Anti Missile
(Defense) 4.50 dps
range: 32 (625m)
beam weapon: 1 damage x 1 beam every 0.25s for 0.5s = 3 per salvo
rate of fire: 3 (every 0.33s)


UEF Strategic Missile Submarine AceJust because your nuclear weapon comes on a sub doesn’t mean it’s any less painful to build. Remember not to build this in your only naval factory, as you’ll shortly get overwhelmed. When it’s up, though, the UEF has the advantage of being able to mask its cruise missile attacks with actual cruisers’ missiles so that the opponent doesn’t know you have one. If you have enough fire support from your regular fleet, the sub will be able to get through a shot or two from its tactical missiles, which kill T1 ships or a cruiser in a single shot. While you fight what’s probably a losing battle (because you’ve been making a sub instead of a sea fleet), your nuke sub can return home safely and live to nuke another day. The nukes it builds are more expensive, but the sub itself is considerably cheaper than a battleship.

Ace Stats

Armor: 4000hp
Abilities: Submersible, Sonar, Manual Build, Manual Launch
Cost: M10000, E60000, T15000
Intel: sight: 16 (313m)
sonar: 75 (1.46km)
water sight: 24 (469m)
    max speed: 2.55 (49.8m/s)
turn rate: 25
Veterancy: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 kills
* veteran level 2: +1000 hp
* veteran level 4: +1000 hp
* veteran level 5: repair 3 hp/s

Ace Weapons

Long Range Cruise Missile
(Missile) 200.00 dps
area: 3 (58.6m)
range: 128 (2.50km)
projectile weapon: 2000 damage
rate of fire: 0.1 (every 10s)
* veteran level 1: +750 damage
* veteran level 3: +750 damage

Nuclear Warhead
inner ring damage: 35000
inner ring radius: 30 (586m)
outer ring damage: 500
outer ring radius: 40 (781m)
storage: 2 missiles

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