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Final Push 0

Final Push

A lot has happened over the past few years, just not so much dealing with this site and its guide. Well, that’s changing. As a token a show of effort to complete porting and...

This week in SupCom Guides 0

This week in SupCom Guides

New updates are coming to the site, as I cycle through the tasks on my to-do list, with this guide being the current priority, in terms of finally getting everything ported and up on...

Theme Updates 0

Theme Updates

The Supreme Commander guides are getting an upgrade to the new layout today. Expect to experience some weirdness with the site while this is implemented.

Welcome to the SupCom Series Guides 0

Welcome to the SupCom Series Guides

This will be the new home of the Supreme Commander series’ strategy guides. Work has just begun so expect some developments soon.