UEF SUPPORT COMMAND UNITSCUs are often way too slow to build and use effectively, but they can be an effective damage sink (especially with an upgrade or two) or can simply sit in your base under shields and get a Resource Allocation Upgrade.


Armor: 20000hp
     regen rate: 10
Abilities: Customizable, Omni Sensor, Engineering Suite, Explodes on Death, Cannot be Reclaimed
Cost: M3000, E40000, T6000
     build rate: 30
     income: M +2, E +20
     storage: M200, E1000
     sight: 26 (508m)
     omni: 16 (313m)
     max speed: 2.2 (43.0m/s),
     turn rate: 146
Transport class: 3
Veterancy: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 kills
*veteran level 2: +5000 hp
*veteran level 4: +5000 hp
*veteran level 5: repair 20 hp/s

SCU Weapons

Heavy Plasma Cannon 
     (Direct Fire)
     400.00 dps,
      area: 0.5 (9.8m)
      range: 2 (39.1m) – 22 (430m)
      projectile weapon: 400 damage
      rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)
      *veteran level 1: +100 damage
      *veteran level 3: +100 damage

Death Nuke 
     (Direct Fire)
     1000.00 dps
     area: 10 (195m)
     range: 1 (19.5m)
     projectile weapon: 1000 damage
     rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)

UEF SCU Upgrades

Right Arm

High Explosive Ordnance

Cost: M3400, E800000, T6000

Gives the SCU cannon a new area of effect of 4.

Upgraded Arm

Resource Allocation System

Cost: M6000, E300000, T9000
     income: M +15, E +3000

Produces resources.
(see “Cost” above)


Personal Shield

Cost: M2000, E93750, T3750
Shield: 42000hp
     regen rate: 525,
     regen start time: 90
     recharge time: 170
     drain: E -500

Gives SCU a thick shield around itself.

Personal Shield

Shield Generator Field

*Requires Personal Shield
Cost: M6000, E600000, T4500
Shield: 42000hp
     size: 20 (391m)
     regen rate: 408
     regen start time: 112
     recharge time: 215
     drain: E -1000

Gives SCU a small shield to project around itself.

Shield Generator Field
Radar Jammer

Cost: M1000, E31250, T3750

Creates false radar signatures around the SCU, radius 26. Omni Sensors will not see these false signals.

Radar Jammer
Engineering Drone

Cost: M120, E2400, T1200

Increases build rate by 5.

Engineering Drone

Left Arm

Advanced Cooling Upgrade

Cost: M1000, E200000, T3000

Main cannon fires twice as fast.


Sensor Range Enhancer

Cost: M1500, E31250, T3750

Enhances sight range to 36 and omni range to 64.

Sensor Range Enhancer

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