AEON Subcommander


Aeon Subcommanders are extremely expensive, but make up for it by being very powerful fighting units as well as great builders – much better than your Commander even if you don’t bother to upgrade them.

The subcommander has a build speed of 30.

The Aeon Support Command Unit in Supreme Commander.

SCU Stats

Armor: 25000hp (regen rate: 10)
Abilities: Customizable, Omni Sensor, Engineering Suite, Explodes on Death,
Cannot be Reclaimed
Cost: M5200 (+2, storage: 50), E60000 (+20, storage: 250), T6000, build rate: 30
Intel: sight: 26 (508m), omni: 16 (313m)
Physics: max speed: 2.2 (43.0m/s), turn rate: 146
Transport class: 3
Veterancy: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 kills
veteran level 2: +6250 hp,
veteran level 4: +6250 hp,
veteran level 5: repair 20 hp/s

SCU Weapons

Reacton Cannon (Direct Fire):
750.00 dps,
range: 2 (39.1m) – 22 (430m)
projectile weapon: 750 damage
rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)
veteran level 1: +188 damage, veteran level 3: +188 damage

Death Nuke (Direct Fire):
1000.00 dps
area: 10 (195m)
range: 1 (19.5m)
projectile weapon: 1000 damage
rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)


Stability Suppressant

Gives SCU main gun an area-effect radius of 4.

Cost: M2550, E600000, T4500

Resource Allocation System

Produces extra resources (see “Cost” above).

Cost: M6000 (+18), E375000 (+2700), T9000


Personal Shield Generator

Gives SCU a shield around itself.

Cost: M1000, E93750 (-300), T3750
Shield: 15000hp
(regen rate: 115, regen start time: 60, recharge time: 190)

Heavy Personal Shield Generator

Gives SCU a bigger shield around itself.

Requires Personal Shield Generator
Cost: M1650, E600000 (-600), T4500
Shield: 25000hp
(regen rate: 152, regen start time: 75, recharge time: 240)

Personal Teleporter

Allows teleportation to anywhere on the map.

Cost: M60000, E6000000, T18000
Cost to use: E (-20000), T60

System Integrity Compensator

Increases regen rate to 350 hp/s.

Cost: M1500, E112500, T4500


Engineering Focusing Module

Increases build speed to 60.

Cost: M2100, E75000, T9000

Sacrificial Preparations

Allows SCU to sacrifice like other Aeon engineers.

Cost: M300, E4500, T2250
Sacrifice: M3000 (57.7%)

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