The Aeon’s unique units are the 3 experimentals and the T1 Attack Boat. Aeon units are all focused towards a single purpose, often with only one gun. They tend to have less health, but make up for it in maneuverability.

The Aeon has a powerful navy, especially if you include the Aurora T1 hovercraft.

Aeon engineers can sacrifice themselves to add some of their cost towards a building project, which can be handy in a pinch if you need to finish a crucial unit or get back down from the unit limit.

Their T3 siege bot is especially useful, as it can repair its friends as well as survive lots of damage.

The Aeon ACU can become a formidable fighter with gun and shield upgrades or an economic powerhouse with its Advanced Resource Allocation upgrade. However, it has less health than the other factions’ ACUs.

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