Camera and Interface

These shortcuts and keyboard commands allow you to control the camera and interface in Supreme Commander, thus giving you the ability to modify your view of the action in-game. These controls can be just as important as when it comes to giving orders, since you being the mastermind behind you armies, the ability for you to see what is going on with ease is paramount.

Space Bar and hold: Pan and Rotate Camera freely
Q: Zoom In
W: Zoom Out
Ctrl + Q: Zoom In Fast
Ctrl + W: Zoom Out Fast
T: Track unit
Ctrl + Shift + T: Track unit on minimap
Ctrl + Alt + T: Track unit on 2nd screen
Tab: Go to next saved camera position
Shift+Tab: Save this camera position
Ctrl+Tab: Delete camera position
Ctrl+V: Set this camera position as the default view
V: Reset camera
Ctrl + F: Take screenshot

Y: Open Minimap menu

Markers for Allies:
F5: Mark location as “General Alert”
F6: Mark location as “Move”
F7: Mark location as “Attack”
     * These three markers disappear after 10 seconds.
F8: Custom marker for location
    Shift + Ctrl + Right Click: Remove custom marker
     Shift + Left Click and drag: Move custom marker (allies can do this)

Esc: Open Escape menu
     * In the campaign or skirmish, this will pause the game.
Alt + Up Arrow or Alt + Down Arrow: Toggle UI
     There are four possible UIs:
     Default: Bottom of the screen
     Left side of the screen
     Right side of the screen
     Minimalist: Small and transparent at the bottom of the screen
Ctrl + Alt + F1: Toggle UI on/off
Alt + L: Toggle lifebars on/off
Ctrl + N: Rename unit
Home: Split screen on
End: Split screen off
PageUp: Scroll up 1 page through chat history
PageDown: Scroll down 1 page through chat history
Shift + PageUp: Scroll up 1 line through chat history
Shift + PageDown: Scroll down 1 line through chat history

Ctrl + W: Toggle military overlay (shows weapon ranges)
Ctrl + E: Toggle defense overlay (changes icon colors)
Ctrl + R: Toggle economy overlay (shows resource usage)
Ctrl + T: Toggle intel overlay (shows radar ranges)

F1: Toggle objectives window
F2: Toggle scores
F3: Toggle transmission log
F4: Toggle diplomacy window
F11: Toggle connectivity window
F12: Show Key Bindings Screen

Pause: Pause game
Minus on numpad: Decrease game speed
Plus on numpad: Increase game speed
Star on numpad: Reset game speed to +0

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