There are 3 separate campaigns in Supreme Commander, one for each faction, the UEF, Cybran and Aeon. Each of the campaigns has 6 missions, making 18 total. Each series of missions will portray the viewpoint and involvement of said faction in the Infinite War which consumes the universe in the game.

Some Key Notes on Managing Objectives:

  • Your current objectives will appear in the top left corner of the screen, across from the list of your groups and ACU in the top right corner.
  • Left-clicking on an objective centers the map on that objective.
  • Right-clicking on an objective pauses the game and goes to a screen that explains that objective.
  • Pressing F1 pauses the game and brings up a list of objectives.

Note: The video walkthroughs are performed on Hard and provide the most detailed overview of this difficulty setting.

Campaign Walkthroughs

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