Aeon Mission 4 – Operation Entity


Nexus appears to be lightly defended with only some T1 defenses and a Tactical Missile Launcher, but the mission is more difficult than it appears. There are actually T2 artillery lying in wait for you on the northern tip of the cape, preventing you from building a Naval Factory. Your starting area is low on resources, so build up defenses to the east and west while you build a T1 fabricator farm in the south. There’s no time limit, so you can tech up all your extractors and factories and build up enough of a bomber force to kill the Tactical Missile Launcher as soon as your ground forces are ready to move in. Your first attacks are from the air, so make sure to pump out some mobile T1 anti-air at the start of the mission – they’ll try both bomber strikes and transport drops. Anti-air should go especially on the east and west, but also put some turrets along the north edge of your base. Once you get to tech 2, build T2 defenses and shields along these walls. First, take over the Cybran buildings to the west of the map (next to the naval base) to grab some more mass deposits, then place anti-air turrets there and bring your land forces back to help take out Nexus to the east. The easiest way to get rid of the artillery emplacements is to build a Tactical Missile Launcher that just reaches their range. If you don’t betray your position, you can get off your first missile before the artillery retaliates – tactical missiles and T2 artillery have the same range. The next tac missile can destroy the Cybrans’ eastern defenses, while your ground and air units move in to mop up their own Tactical Missile Launcher and the other resistance.


Once you have control of the southeastern coast, you can build a Naval Factory and pump out a bunch of ships with your extra Engineers; send them in along with gunships and Auroras to take out the naval base.


The same force you used to kill the naval base can help take down the northern defenses around the Node, while your gunships can take out the artillery installations. You can even air drop T2 land forces protected by mobile shields at the edge of the shoreline while the artillery is busy. Once you capture the Node, the map expands, so be ready.


Map expands to the east and north
The first Node is the one you just captured. The second is in the northwest, the third in the southeast. They must remain safe until the end of the mission. Send ground troops in to capture the southeast node and use your naval and air forces to clear a place for you to air drop more T2 land forces to capture the northwest node. Make sure to bring in T2 engineers to capture the nodes, as you will need shields and T2 defenses around them to keep them safe. You can lose one node and still complete the mission, but it’s best not to take chances.


The mainframe is all the way to the north, on the center island. The island doesn’t have too many Torpedo Launchers, so a T2 naval force supported by Gunships and Attack Boats can take out the defenses on the southern shore (make sure to kill enemy artillery quickly) so your transports can set up a ferry point for T2 land forces to move in. Once you’ve cleared out all Cybrans, send over your T2 Engineers to capture it and start building defenses.

6. DEFEND THE MAINFRAME (15 minute time limit)

You must defend the Nodes and mainframe for 15 minutes of increasing Cybran attacks. Build lots of gunships, as they can respond to any attack, and T2 anti-air to prevent transport drops. Have your torpedo bombers patrol to the eastern lake to prevent Destroyer attacks on the mainframe and east node. The Cybrans will also attack your main base in an attempt to kill your ACU; make sure he’s hiding under a shield with lots of T2 anti-air, and make sure your power generators are well protected.

Mission 4 – Operation Entity – Video Guide

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