Cybran Mission 6 – Operation Freedom


Your mission is not to waste time with the usual teching up here, but to have enough economy to produce lots of experimental units, all the way up to a Scathis to attack safely from behind your base defenses. You have 12 minutes to build up your base before the Czar arrives, so work quickly. Build mixed land forces (T3 siege bots, artillery, T2 anti-air, and some T2 mobile shield generators) and send them to the south as cover for the wall of defenses you’re building. Build lots of T1 and T3 fighters and bombers in your Air Factories to prepare for the Czar invasion. You’ll need a big mixed naval fleet (except carriers, because you already have Air Staging Facilities), and lots of T3 Engineers to fund your war machine, especially since you’ll want to upgrade the shields to your southern line and put in T3 Heavy Artillery Installations to stop the experimentals that will be coming north at you. You’ll also want T3 air defense along the western shore and more T2 Torpedo Launchers in an outer ring beyond the ones you already have, and later on you’ll need T2 point defense on both sides of your base to help repel attacks. The key to stopping enemy experimentals from the land is your Heavy Artillery, and the key to killing enemy experimentals from the sea is your Soul Ripper experimental gunship. This is your biggest construction project, as you’ll need them to take down the Czar before it obliterates the Black Sun control center. Meanwhile, your ACU and Jericho can be assisting the defensive wall – you’ll want several layers of physical walls to prevent ground units from reaching you before their experimentals can crush the walls, as well as the usual defenses. Alternatively, have your ACU lead the Soul Ripper building charge. It’s tough to build T3 artillery and a Soul Ripper simultaneously, so pick one: once you have a single artillery up, you can put all your engineers on T3 air and experimentals.


Have all your air units – Soul Rippers, air superiority fighters, even your gunships – help take down the Czar’s hitpoints before it reaches the UEF base. The UEF will help you somewhat, but they can’t do it alone, and you need it to die before it reaches the control center (south of your base). After you’ve built a few Soul Rippers, queue up some Monkeylords and then continue building experimentals forever. Instead of T3 artillery and Monkeylords, you can use a Scathis, which will take out the entire island you’re on if you put it inside your defensive line. The artillery has the benefit of being able to hit the Aeon base too.


Move your Soul Rippers back to your base, roaming west to spot the Colossus that heads east towards you. The UEF will also attack you, and they’ll help to kill the Colossus if you need it. The Colossus should be the focus of your attention with gunships, Soul Rippers and T3 bombers, as well as your entire naval fleet (since it can’t use its gravity guns while submerged). If it reaches your base, the western defenses should kill it before it does too much damage. The UEF forces can wait until it’s destroyed; your walls should hold them long enough for your defenses and ground troops to mount a defense. Build a Quantum Gate here and step into it with your ACU, which should be safely hiding behind shields at this point. You can now start mass-producing SCUs with the Resource Collection upgrade if you run out of space for T3 power and fabricator farms. This shouldn’t be an issue, though; instead, just pump out regular SCUs to help your building projects, and add an Engineer to your land build queue to help construct defenses increasingly further south. The UEF will attack with mobile heavy artillery that can take out your defenses; for this, move in a Soul Ripper to patrol south of the walls to spot them while your own artillery takes care of them. Don’t let the UEF build Point Defenses of their own!


Map expands to the south and east
This is not a timed objective. After you repulse the UEF and Aeon invasion, take some time to rebuild your forces, then move up your remaining experimental units to the control center. Your artillery should have already taken out most of this base; the UEF may still defend it with a Fatboy, which is why you brought the spiderbots along. Walk or transport your ACU to Black Sun and make sure his shields are upgraded and that Support Commanders assist him in case of danger. As soon as your ACU approaches the control center, a T3 land force appears right next to it from the south; your experimentals should be able to hold them off, but if not, prepare ahead of time with Shield Generators and defenses built before your ACU arrives. If you’re not playing on Hard difficulty, you can have any old engineer capture the Control Center and Black Sun itself. This makes things way easier, as you can send a few engineers under cover of your forces without worrying about them being wiped out by the UEF counterattack.


Map expands to the south
Speed is key here; sweep in with your experimentals and move your Scathis forward behind them. The Scathis should destroy high-priority targets like the two Strategic Missile Launchers (one in the middle of the base, one to the west). Fortunately, their first shot is at the Aeon island; make sure to destroy them before they can fire shot #2 at your ACU. If you didn’t build a Scathis, have your T3 artillery target the eastern nuke launcher and have your Soul Rippers take out the western one (it’s close to Black Sun). After the launchers die, move your experimentals in to kill the UEF Commander. Her explosion will do most of the work for you, and she is hard-pressed to survive a Soul Ripper assault if your Monkeylords have been properly keeping enemy units busy. After the base is destroyed, have your Engineers capture Black Sun.


Select Black Sun (yes, it’s a unit) and press the Fire button. The tooltip, “End the Infinite War,” says it all. Enjoy your victory!

Mission 6 – Operation Freedom – Video Guide

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