The UEF’s unique units are the 3 experimentals and the T3 air Heavy Gunship. UEF standard armaments are traditional shells and guns. They tend to have more armor and less speed than other factions’ equivalent units. UEF can use a good mix of land units to combat other races’ single unit swarms early on, then establish an advantage with its T3 siege bots and Heavy Gunship. They lack a T3 carrier because their T4 sea unit is a carrier anyway. The UEF ACU has a variety of defensive upgrades, from shields to missiles to enhanced regen ability.

Land Units

Tier 1 Land

Tier 2 Land

Tier 3 Land

Air Units

Tier 1 Air

Tier 2 Air

Tier 3 Air

Naval Units

Tier 1 Naval

Tier 2 Naval

Tier 3 Naval

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