Aeon Mission 3 – Operation High Tide


Immediately construct a force of T2 Engineers to build air defense, mostly to the west and north, and T1 point defense scattered throughout the base to stop enemy transport drops. Have more construct T2 torpedo launchers to the west, south and north to defend against naval attacks. The ACU and the rest of your engineers should grab the mass deposits and start building up your economy in preparation to build up your own forces – Auroras and mobile anti-air.
The attacks come in this order:

  • Fighters and bombers (have early anti-air)
  • Transports (have land units patrolling)
  • Naval assault (have ships and torpedo bombers ready)
  • Transports again

It’s fairly easy to hit the unit limit before this objective is completed. Make sure to space out your T2 power generators, as a single transport drop can kill all of them if they’re chained together.


Map expands in all directions
Schematics added: Gunship, Destroyer

Build your new gunships and destroyers to supplement your T1 air and sea forces. Switch land unit production to Auroras and keep your mobile units on patrol through your island to stop enemy transport drops. The naval base is in the southeast. The UEF Commander is here, but he will teleport away when in danger. Use your Auroras to take out the anti-air and torpedo launchers along the fringes, with sea units protecting the Auroras from enemy naval forces. Move all your forces down to take out the Naval Factory and the ships defending it, then grab the island for yourself. Torpedo bombers really help here, as they can get rid of the many enemy subs and T2 torpedo launchers at no cost to themselves.


The air base is in the southwest corner of the map. If you’ve already killed the naval base, this is a snap: your destroyers and frigates can take care of most of it from offshore while your fighters patrol overhead. Your Auroras can move in to get whatever the destroyers have trouble with.


The land base is to the north. Move in your Auroras first to take out Torpedo Launchers before bringing in your naval units to surround the island. Your Destroyers can sail in and support your Auroras while your gunships take out important targets. The Commander reappears here, but teleports out once again when he’s in danger.


Map expands to the west
Schematic added: Cruiser
Set your naval and air units on patrol between your bases, and have Engineers build torpedo launchers and anti-air along this line. Transport drops restart here, and you don’t want them touching your base. Use your Destroyers’ long range guns to attack the far edge of UEF defenses while you build up a huge army of Auroras or mixed air forces. Move them in under sea cover, and when the UEF Commander appears, attack him. He’s shielded, so he takes a lot of punishment, but when he’s “killed” the mission ends immediately. For this objective, I switched all my engineers and ACU to pumping out T2 air and sea forces, eventually overwhelming Arnold with 50 gunships.

Mission 3 – Operation High Tide – Video Guide

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