Giving Orders

These commands relate to giving commands to your units in Supreme Commander, allowing for a great variety and complexity of the commands issued.

Right Click: Give default order
    * On terrain: Move
     * On enemies: Attack
        ** Engineers will Capture enemies instead.
     * On allies or construction: Assist
         ** Engineers will Repair construction instead.
         ** Transports will Transport allied units instead.
     * On transports: Transport
     * On ferry points: Transport
         ** Transports will Ferry from that ferry point instead.
     * On a Move waypoint: Patrol (UNDOCUMENTED)
     * On an Attack waypoint: Coordinated Attack
         ** Coordinated Attacks must be issued in reverse order of speed: artillery first, aircraft last. All groups will attack simultaneously.

Right Click and hold: Move in formation
Ctrl + Right Click: Move in default formation
    * While holding Right Click, press Left Click to cycle through formations.
     * Taking formation takes priority over arriving at the location. Units at the front may actually go backwards to accomplish this.

Ctrl + Alt + Right Click: Attack Move
Attack + Left Click on ground: Attack Move
    * Attack Move instructs units to pursue enemies before completing their move order. It is denoted as a red line with a blue Move waypoint.

Shift + Right Click: Queue this command after the current one
Shift + Left Click and hold on a command: Move the location of this command

R: Repair
E: Reclaim
P: Patrol
    * Engineers set to Patrol will automatically Repair and Reclaim.
A: Attack
C: Capture
S: Stop
D: Dive / Surface
F: Ferry
     * A transport told to Ferry will create a ferry beacon at its current location and start ferrying units to the chosen destination.
I: Assist
     * Engineers and the Cybran Mantis will Repair units they are assisting.
     * Other units will deploy in protective formation around the unit.
     * Factories will take on the build queue and default orders of the factory they are assisting.
     * Transports assisting a factory will transport to help carry out the default orders of the factory.
     * Air units assisting a ferry beacon will attempt to help ferry.

M: Move
U: Transport
     * Press Transport once to load and again to unload.
Z: Pause Construction
     * Pausing constructions
O: Overcharge
L: Launch Tactical Missile
N: Nuke
[: Toggle Fire State (left bracket)
    * Toggles between Fire At Will, Hold Fire and Hold Ground.
Ctrl + K: Kamikaze (Suicide)

There are no shortcuts for upgrading units, toggling on/off cloaking and stealth, sacrificing, docking, or ordering factories to repeat orders; they must be manually clicked in the interface or Build Mode.