AEON Commander


Your Commander looks intimidating, but that’s just because he’s so versatile. Remember, if you’re in trouble, you can overcharge by pressing O.

The ACU has a build speed of 10.

The Aeon Armored Command Unit in Supreme Commander.

ACU Stats

Armor: 11000hp (regen rate: 10, armor type: Commander)
Abilities: Customizable, etc.
Cost: M18000 (+1, storage: 400), E5000000 (+10, storage: 2500), T60000,
build rate: 10
sight: 26 (508m)
omni: 26 (508m)
Physics: max speed: 1.7 (33.2m/s), turn rate: 90
Transport class: 3
Veterancy: 100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000 kills
veteran level 2: +2750 hp
veteran level 4: +2750 hp
veteran level 5: repair 20 hp/s

ACU Weapons

Quantum Disruptor (Direct Fire):
110.00 dps
range: 2 (39.1m) – 22 (430m)
beam weapon: 110 damage
rate of fire: 1 (every 1s)
veteran level 1: +28 damage, veteran level 3: +28 damage

Overcharge Cannon (Direct Fire):
52500.00 dps
area: 2 (39.1m)
range: 10 (195m)
projectile weapon: 70000 damage
rate of fire: 3 (every 0.33s), energy required: 3000 (-3000)

Death Nuke (Direct Fire):
inner ring damage: 3500
inner ring radius: 30 (586m
outer ring damage: 500
outer ring radius: 40 (781m)


Enhanced Sensor System

Increases sight range to 32 and omni range to 72.

Cost: M1500, E31250, T1250

Heat Sink Augmentation

Allows main gun to fire 7 times as fast.

Cost: M4500, E112500, T1500


Personal Shield Generator

Gives ACU a shield around itself.

Cost: M1500, E93750 (-300), T1250
Shield: 29000hp
(regen rate: 223, regen start time: 30, recharge time: 160)

Heavy Personal Shield Generator

Gives ACU a more powerful shield around itself.

Requires Personal Shield Generator
Cost: M4500, E1000000 (-300), T2500
Shield: 44000hp
(regen rate: 270, regen start time: 37, recharge time: 200)

Personal Teleporter

Allows teleportation to anywhere on the map.

Cost: M60000, E3000000, T6000
Cost to activate: E (-20000), T60

Resource Allocation System

Produces extra resources (see “Cost”).

Cost: M6000 (+18), E300000 (+2700), T1500

Advanced Resource Allocation System

Produces double the resources (see “Cost”).

Requires Resource Allocation System
Cost: M6000 (+36), E300000 (+5400), T1500

Chrono Dampener

Adds an EMP stunning field around the ACU.

Cost: M1500, E31250, T1250
Chrono Dampener (Direct Fire): 0.10 dps, range: 10 (195m)
projectile weapon: 1 damage, can fire from transport
rate of fire: 0.1 (every 10s), energy required: (-200)


Crysalis Beam Augmentation

Increases range of main gun from 22 to 30.

Cost: M1500, E75000, T1000

Tech 2 Engineering Suite

Build speed increased to 30.

Cost: M2000, E50000, T2000
Gives ACU T1,2 build trees.

Tech 3 Engineering Suite

Build speed increased to 90.

Cost: M6750, E900000, T2250
Gives ACU T3,4 build trees.

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